Pilates Power Gym: Pre-Natal Full Body Workout

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Whether you are expecting, post natal, or just looking to get in a workout, you’ll enjoy Kristin’s simple to follow instructions while getting a great tips in this new full body workout.

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Class Reviews

I've been doing these exercises and am amazed at how flat and toned my stomach area is looking now. I actually bought a two piece bathing suit (after years of wearing a heavy spandex coverall type) and can’t believe how much better my clothes fit now. I’m ready to take on the world.

Carla Knowles - Alabama

Wow, I love how my abs feel after this workout, they let me know that I still have them.

Marilyn Sweetzer - Arkansas

I spend so many hours at my computer, and although I know I need to sit up straight, I always end up slouched, hunched, and sore at the end of the day. I started the healthy back exercises, and now my posture is so much better without even having to think about it. I stand straighter, and that nagging ache is gone.

Jenny Folker - Florida

Finally there’s a workout that helps me with my weakest area, thank you Kristin!

Adri Pollack - North Carolina

I didn’t think it was possible! But this workout really did firm up my backside. My legs are strong and healthy, my thighs are slimmer and FIRM! No more tugging at my skirt when sitting to hide the top of my legs. I’m so proud now of how I look.

Linda Jikes - Minnesota

I like that I can go here and focus on one body part for 20 minutes and be done with my exercise for the day!

Nancy Marks - Indiana

I’ve tried so many different ways to tighten my upper arms… none really worked, and I just ended up sore. Following the Pilates Power Gym video, the resistance, the constant reassurance of Kristen that I was doing it correctly made all the difference.

Whitney Speria - Oregon

It’s quick, fun and got right to toning my upper arms and shoulders!

Brandi Clarke - Nevada

I love the rebounder accessory for my Pilates Power Gym. It gives me all the benefits of jogging without stressing my joints.

Candace Powers - New York

OMG, I’m so excited about having a workout that focuses on the cardio rebounder. This is great!

Stephanie Monte - Ohio

I’ve watched so many different commercials for fitness equipment, and they were all too big for my home, or too expensive, too gimmicky, or too complicated. Then I found the Pilates Power Gym and started this program. What a difference! Kristin’s attentiveness to detail was so helpful...and I love being able to set my iPad where it is easy to see and follow along. Now I can’t wait to try more.

Robert McDonald - Arizona

My Pilates Power Gym came with 2 dvd’s and I got bored with them quickly because I love working on this incredible little unit. The only problem was that there weren’t enough workouts to follow. This is great!

Felicia Jenkins - Alabama

I love this workout! When I come home at night feeling too tired to even move, I get on my Pilates Power Gym and within minutes feel my blood circulating again, all the day’s tension leaving my body. It’s not overly strenuous, yet I’m still getting a full workout.

Betty King - Louisiana

Hmmm, just the right thing to do after a long day, this is so relaxing.

Judith Walker - California

I actually feel taller when I finish this workout. Every muscle gets stretched and toned. It’s exactly what I needed.

Suzanne Anulli - California

This is one powerful workout. It combines all the individual workouts, and then pushes me even further.

John Matthews - California

I love a good challenge and this workout delivers!

Susan Chitenden - Pennsylvania

This was a great workout, I felt like I was part of the group working out in the gym. Steve really pushed me, he’s a great motivator.

Brandon Hall - California

Good title for this workout, 'cause that’s what I did, sweat. It’s very similar to the “In the Gym” workout but a little different. The instructor really gets you going.

Carrie Goldberg - New York

This quick workout is perfect for my busy days. I still get a full workout! And, when I have more time, I can choose one of the full workouts to concentrate on specific areas.

Missy Sarkis - Minnesota

Some days I just don’t feel like giving it my all but I want to lose 10 pounds and promised myself I would do some kind of workout every day. This is a super fast workout and is great to do on those days that I have to force myself to do something.

Ginger Reed - Washington